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Queer Pomegranates from Iran

I was born in Tehran, the capital city of the Islamic Republic of Iran. I grew up in a multi-textured and layered habitat with very strong binary oppositions. I went to all girl schools (as we were all supposed to) and started wearing the Hijab when I turned nine, as it was required by law. […]

Sex In Consumer Culture

Does everything have to be sexualized? In the consumer world today it seems that most things have to possess that sexual appeal so that people will be attracted to and eventually purchase it. A good marketing strategy today will employ media content to promote their products. Erotica has gained worldwide popularity since it is considered

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Sexual Health Awareness Week at UC Berkeley

Sexual Health Awareness Week (SHAW) events went well! The Sexual Health Education Program (SHEP) SEXPERTS and their DeCal students at UC Berkeley saturated the campus with safer sex supplies distributing approximately 5000 traditional and insertive condoms to fellow bears during SHAW main event and through random acts of sexiness all week. However, the highlight of […]

Birds Do It. Bees Do It. Bears Do It.

Today kicks off Sexual Health Awareness Week (SHAW) at UC Berkeley! SHAW is a super sexy and sex positive event held each fall semester that uses fun, games, and humor to promote awareness of sex, sexuality, and sexual health issues and concerns. SHAW’s theme this year is Birds Do It. Bees Do It. Bears Do […]

Yes! Affirmative Consent

Growing up in a religious Catholic family, there weren’t a lot of conversations about consent and sexual activity. In fact, the only conversation about sex at all was a one-note repeat: DON’T. When I hit puberty, my mom stuck a sticker on the bathroom mirror: “8 Ways to Say No to Sex”. The list included […]

Go Back to School in the Know

Go back to school in the know – meaning get tested and know your sexually transmitted infection (STI) and Human Immunodeficiency Virus (HIV) status! You would be in good company with more than 4000 students getting screened for sexually transmitted infections including HIV during last academic year at UC Berkeley’s University Health Services, Tang Center. […]

Back to School Safe and Sexy for 2014

It’s August. You know what that means – back to school for students!!! For some student’s it’s back to the same school with friends you have known for quite a while. For others it’s time to start a new chapter at a new school! I have been in both positions many times in my life. […]