My career as a Brixton Escort help me to have a comfortable life



One of the beautiful things in life is to get away with chaos and poor finally. Every one of us encounters struggles and difficulties, we have been through so much and want to have a good life. We want to have an experience that is full of joy. A life that is more comfortable to live in. Sometimes we barely blame God on how tough our life, why do we experience such difficulty and cruelty. We only want to have a simple but less stress and drama. We only want to have a good and positive life. But sometimes life is just so unfair, we struggle a lot with severe problems, and why just other people seem so happy. Why other people have fewer problems? Why can’t we be like them? One of the primary issues is money since we know that it’s run the world.  All nations problem is how to resolve poverty, as years passed by population grows and poverty increased. Perhaps this is because of lack of education and no permanent jobs.


All my life I want to change my situation and get away from this. I am tired of all I have been through, people look down at me and belittle me. We were just poor people living in New York, residing at the dump site and been here for almost all my life. When I was a kid, I experienced bullying and discrimination; most children don’t want to play with me, telling me I am trash and dirty girl. They call me a virus or dangerous girl and it’s hard. It is hard that no one likes you and you have to deal with it. You have to accept it because you can’t does anything about it. There are times you feel sad and lonely, but no one is there to comfort you. My mother got ill, and there is only the two of us, we have been through many things, and I can’t leave her. I had wished that I could find a higher wage job and hospitalize her. I did my best to support her, day and night I work. Sometimes my body give up, but I don’t want to surrender, my life will be more damage if I lose my mother. My mother is my only friend, and she understands me, that’s why I have this determination in me. I find out about Brixton escort; I try it and weeks after got a call. I undergo lots of training before I became a Brixton escort. Being a Brixton escort of, satisfy me as well as my needs. I enjoy my job, and my career helps me to have a comfortable life.


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