sex sex and more sex

Why does everything have to be about sex these days? I was talking about this with my escorts in London friends the other day. We all agree, everything seems to be about sex and it is beginning to get on our nerves. The other day I was watching an advert about breastfeeding from across the pond, and it implied that this was a sexy experience. I don’t agree with that and I know that my London escorts friends don’t neither but for some reason we have gone sex mad. I am not sure where all of these sexy ads are coming from but somebody is dreaming them up.

Why so much sex? One of my London escorts friends said that sexy ads are now even aimed at kids. Shockingly my daughter’s god father opened one of my daughter’s teenage magazine and found some very explicit ads. Being a responsible person he fired of an email to the Press Complaint Commission, but how many parents would have done the same thing. My daughter’s magazine is probably not the only mag out there to be fully of sexy ads. Some of my London escorts friends even say that some of the pics of so called boy bands are too sexy.

Perhaps escorts in london are more aware than others of the influence of sex in our society. Could it be that some parents like myself are a bit blind to it, but a new pair of eyes see things in a different way. There is just too much sex around and even the waiters at the restaurants where I have lunch with my friends who are escorts in London and they look a bit too sexy sometimes. Yes, the Italian stallion look is nice but some guys really take it to the extreme. Is there a need for extra tight trousers at all occasions?

Some of my London escorts friend would even like to start a campaign about too many sexy ads even women mags. Looking at some of the latest editions of women’s mags I think that my London escorts friends are right. Selling lipstick is great but should the models be posing the way they are to show off a new lipstick color? No, some of the adverts just look to sexy to me and I don’t think it is right. You never know who is going to pick up and read those mags, it might be a small child who gets the wrong idea.

Sex is everywhere and the message of sex in ads seems to increase during the summer. More models apply sexual actions or deeds during summer advertising campaigns and do we really need it? I am not so sure. It isn’t immediately immoral but neither is it quite right. The press loves to report on sexy anyway and there is a new sex scandal in the paper every day. Should we put up with it, or should we start writing into complain? It could be that all adults have a responsibility to stand up for the younger generation. What do you think?

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