What is the difference between a London Escort and a Prostitute

An average person in London only know a little difference of this two occupation, but the reality is these two areas are entirely different in more ways. One difference is that how an Escort earn compared to a Prostitute. If you continue reading below you will find the essential difference between an Escort and a Prostitute. According to London escorts, The cheapest escorts in London for £79p/h, you wont find cheaper and more quality escorts.

Prostitute Women

These girls earn their money purely on sexual favours. Though prostitution is legal to the laws in some places. However, women in this kind of work never advertise the service officially because they might get into legal trouble. Now you wonder I said legal in the laws, but it can get them into legal troubles? Here is an example. Buying sex is by all mean legitimate to some places. But, some things surround this kind of business are of illegal activities. Prostitute are often referred to as street walker that picks up clients from the side of the road which is very dangerous. Most of these activities involve dangerous drugs too. This is much different from how the escort service operates, let us say it is more of high class and elegance.

London Escorts Girls

First thing first London Escort is officially a profession, unlike prostitution. It mostly accepted as a respectable business, for example, a prestige London Escorts. Since London is a major business district, the Escorts in London gets much money in this business. These girls provide businessmen mostly with companionship and pleasure for a defined period.

Most of these businesspeople will be visiting London for a few days on a short visit. Moreover, most of these men do not have somebody with them for their company. This is the job of Escort Agency to give company to these men with some extra service.

Escorts from London will accompany their clients on Events and other Meetings; it is customary during formal events to have a female companion. Prostitutes, however, do not offer this kind of service to their clients.

London Escort girls can never be seen on streets looking for customers, bookings will be held in an agency, and work is carried out in the hotel for outcalls or a designated place for incall services.

Services They Offer

Escort Girls provide many services that provide pleasurable experience during your visit. These girls can be your company and friend during your stay to London.

It is important that escort girls be smart and elegant, something you cannot find in a prostitute. Clients hire Escort just to have fun, a company when he travels or during business events. Some Escort girls even travel abroad with Clients, depending on your agreement. Prostitutes do not do this; they are just mainly for sexual service.

One of the services these Escorts take pride is a Massage Service; Erotic Massage is the most common. Providing a massage service also differs from a Prostitute. London Escort are an Excellent masseuse. One advantage of Escort than a Prostitute is that Escort set the terms for clients. They will clearly tell the what service they can provide and what they do not.

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